I currently live in New Delhi, India. 

I am the founder and CEO of Verved, a mobile and web applications development firm and creator of Verved edProgram. I'm a TEDx Speaker, Google Venkat Memorial Scholar, International Award Winner titled "Top 50 Tech Leaders" by InterCon, Dubai. I recently won the "Young Entreprenueur Excellence Award" by NCCN. I also make YouTube videos and make content on Leher & Instagram. So I am kind of a blend of tech and non-tech. My skills range from iOS app development to building businesses and marketing strategies, to patting a stranger's dog out in the park. Talking about dogs, I recently adopted a puppy :')

[WHAT'S NEW]: I am making YouTube videos!

[WHAT'S NEXT]: I have been invited to YouTube, San Bruno by Google. So I might be going there in March.

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